Bird Family Makes One Woman’s Mailbox Their New Home

Birds will make their nests in the most unusual places, as a recent story from Italy shows. When checking her mailbox, a woman named Gaila Damosso discovered that a bird family had decided to make it their new home.

In a video that is making rounds on social media, Damosso can be seen opening a mailbox and finding a bird nest inside of it. The nest is full of birds that are enjoying the safety and coziness of their rent-free apartment.

In a chat with The Dodo, Damosso shared some details behind this cool story. According to her, the video was taken in her family’s countryside house, which is empty and mail-free for the better part of the year.

When she opened the mailbox for the first time, Damosso found a nest made of twigs, dry grass, and fur. Inside were tiny eggs of soon-to-be birdies. She decided not to touch them and, after a few days, discovered that the nest had received new residents.

“The first time we found the box occupied, we were shocked because it had never happened before,” Damosso told The Dodo. “It was a thrill.”

 Damosso has enjoyed a few peeks now and then but leaves the bird family undisturbed. She made sure to leave a message on the mailbox so the mailman and everyone else know who the real residents are.