Cat Takes a Hungry Stray Kitten Under His Wing So The Family Adopts It

It’s well-known that cats chose their owners, but one orange and white tabby named Stavros switched up the roles when he himself chose a little stray kitten to be his best buddy.

Last summer, Klarieke and her family began noticing a little fluffball that had been coming to their backyard searching for food. They soon also noticed that their cat Stavros had already befriended him and even shared his food with him.

Seeing their bond, Klarieke’s family decided to adopt the kitten. His name is Charlie, and Stavros has taken on the role of becoming his big brother.

“Stavros is the leader, but Charlie doesn’t care about that because we are sure that he really loves Stavros. They are together all the time, outside or inside the house. Charlie is a bit of a messy, but also a very kind soul and loving,” their mom told in an interview for Bored Panda.

She also added that they are teaching him to do the right things, of course, with the help of Stavros. The duo doesn’t have their own separate Instagram account, rather you can see their “purrfect” faces on their mom’s account.

To see some of their adventures, check out the gallery below!