Check Out Catville: A Cat Sanctuary Built By a Couple

Helyn Cornille and her husband Jean Luc love animals. They live on a horse farm in Phoenix, Georgia where they have built a cat sanctuary to ferals and strays they have rescued. Catville is a heavenly place for felines that provides rails, plants, tunnels, and little cat houses for those who don’t want to go inside when it’s raining.

“So design is to minimize conflicts,” they shared on Bored Panda. “It is really a very peaceful place for them and us. You never realize (unless a nighttime hunt) how many cats live here. Some in bedroom napping or eating, some in the living room, others outside in the large area. It is a paradise with more to do to improve.”

In the sanctuary there are young and old cats, healthy and sick, but they are all happy, all thanks to the Cornille family.

“We continue to work on Catville inside and outside to keep their environment entertaining and safe for them. They are healthy, happy and much loved,” she added.

If you are curious to see the sanctuary, just keep on scrolling!