Kongo: The Dog Who Was Given Away For Free on Craigslist

Kongo has a very unique story; he had some problems with his legs and he was given away for free on Craigslist.

“He kind of crounch-walked,” Road Dogs & Rescue shared with The Dodo. “And he was being given away unfixed. I was like, ‘Oh, no! That just means someone’s going to get him and just breed him as a backyard breeder ‘cause he’s such a good-looking dog.’ He was just a sweet mellow, easygoing guy. I loved that dog!”

Soon, they received an application from a couple based in Michigan. It was love at first sight! The couple traveled all the way to California, bought a car and drove back for about 34 hours.

“For all that he’s gone through and all the stress he’s had in his life, he’s a very well-natured dog, a very loving dog,” Kongo’s owners told The Dodo. “He’s good with the kids – our granddaughters. He likes to be with us all the time. He likes to be loved on.”

Scroll down and take a look at Kongo’s images below.