Check Out Milton: The Tiptoeing Dog

Sometimes, animals do the most random and funny things. Just like Milton, an American Pit Bull Terrier who is a master tiptoer.

“He was around 7 months old in my kitchen, and I just watched him walk across the kitchen floor, tiptoeing to his own food bowl,” his human mom told The Dodo. “I thought…Something has to be wrong with this dog! I take him to the vet. Everything’s fine.”

The sneaky Milton just wants to try to steal food, or make himself available in case his owner drops some food.

“He’ll start off on the carpet so you don’t hear him,” she continued. “And then he’ll verrrry slowly put one paw on the kitchen floor. Until he thinks it’s quiet enough…and [he] gently put his other paws down. He doesn’t make noises, he won’t make eye contact with you because he thinks if you see him, and he sees you, then he’s caught.”

You can find Milton on Instagram where his mom shares images of his adventures. Scroll down and check him out.