Graffiti Artist Creates Amazing Pet Portraits

Jeff Evans is a talented graffiti artist who specializes in creating unique portraits of animals using only a spray can. Other graffiti artists usually paint on walls, but Evans decided to switch to canvas and create something that would last for a long time. And is there a better way to use your talent, than to gift people with amazing portraits of their pets?   

“I have been working with spray paint for over 10 years and like most graffiti artists I started by painting letters on walls. Over the years I grew tired of seeing my work painted over and wanted to produce something that people could keep,” the artist wrote on his website.

“I began by painting human portraits and one day a friend asked if I would paint their two dogs. Pet Portraits by Jeff Evans was born and the rest is history.”

Evans claims that all of his work is freehand and he does not use stencils. Even though he still likes to create graffiti, the artist claims that painting on small canvases is helping him improve his skills.

Check out the pictures below and make sure to follow Evans on Instagram, because you can follow his progress every time he starts working on a new project.