Check Out These Tiny Animal Sculptures

Kerri Pajutee is a self-taught artist who makes miniature, hyper-realistic animal sculptures that are 1:12 to actual size. With her remarkable talent and eye to detail, the artist’s creations are so realistic that you might think they are real.

She has no preferences when choosing the animal she wants to create, and according to her, sculpting has afforded her a mean of expression and provided her with over four decades of never-ending trial and fascination.

“Inspired by the animals I have come to know, my art is motivated by my desire to capture and express that ‘spark’ of personality, while reflecting a personal encounter or endearing memory that will delight the heart and bring a smile to the face of the observer,” the artist shared on her personal website.

You can find her creations on her Instagram page where she has attracted more than 40,000 followers. Scroll down and check them out.