Dads Try To Help Blind Kitty Recover His Vision

Animal lovers can all agree on one thing: that no matter if they’re blind, paralyzed, three-legged, or toothless, they’re all perfect. Take our little orange furry friend Whiskers, for example. His vision is compromised, but his two dads are doing everything to help him recover.

The heartwarming story began in June 2021, when Joshua and Jose Francisco found a kitten sleeping against their garage. Since his mom couldn’t be found anywhere, they decided to bring him home. They offered him water and then realized that the baby feline couldn’t see.

“He was using his paw to determine the depth because he wasn’t seeing. We cleaned up his eyes the best we could the first night,” they said in a statement on Instagram. “The next morning, we went to the vet to get his eyes looked at to see if we could help. They said there was an infection that we needed to see if we can fix to restore his vision.”

Whiskers shortly became a family member and were introduced to his dog brothers. A few weeks later, they went to see a specialist who explained that the cat can see light. However, there needs to pass a couple of weeks before he receives his new treatment.

Life with him is fun! Joshua and Jose Francisco bought him a big cat three, and although he knows how to climb up, he still struggles to get down.

Check out their Instagram if you want to keep up with Whiskers’ story.