Dog Born With a Rare Genetic Mutation Turned Out to be Incredibly Cute Pooch

Image by @mister.enzoviola / Instagram

Meet Enzo Viola – a dog born with pigmented somatic cell mutation, making one side of his face black. His owner, Ella Castro, described him as an “English Cream with a lil Freckle.. #blacksplotchgolden.”

Enzo is a golden retriever. This type of breed usually has a base black coat with a “modifier gene” that transforms them to golden color. Enzo lacked this modifier on one part of his face. Nevertheless, he is still like any other dog who loves to play around. His family also described him as a “very friend dog.”

“He loves to greet joggers and bikers and other dogs, and definitely seems to take personal offense any time anyone is too busy to say hello,” Castro shared.

With his unique appearance and adorable personality, Enzo gained over 100k followers on Instagram. His owner continues to share the happy adventures of Enzo. Check out below to see what he’s been up to lately.