This Instagram Celebrates Dedicated Dogs Patiently Waiting for Their Owners

Image via @waitingdogs / Instagram

Whoever first said that we don’t deserve dogs was completely right. If you need further proof, check out this Instagram page devoted to dogs who patiently wait for their owners. In over 900 photos, The Waiting Dogs shows exactly why these furry creatures are our best friends.

Natalie, a girl who created the account, said that she got the inspiration after moving to Stockholm and starting to see the dogs waiting for their humans everywhere. “After encountering so many, I started taking pictures of them and sent them to a fellow dog-loving friend based in London,” she says. “We started trading snaps of waiting dogs we found in our respective cities and eventually, I had amassed a collection too good not to share.”

See them below.

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Six pack in Boston || 📷 submitted by @instabtown

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