Dog Fosters Three Baby Raccoons

The House of Oakley is a Canada-based wildlife rehabilitation family who rescues and rehabilitates animals. Their story began with rescuing squirrels, and now they are rehabilitating a family of raccoons. However, the most excited about the new friends were their dog.

“My dog Ashlyn wasn’t really sure of the trio when they first arrived,” they wrote on their Instagram. “However now that a few days have passed she has adopted them like they’re her own puppies. She is extremely protective of them and stops on our walks if one lags behind. The kits are doing extremely well now and are already starting to grow. So daily exercise has become part of our routine.”

If you love raccoons, you can follow their adventures on their Instagram profile The House of Oakley where they regularly share videos and images of these adorable creatures.

Scroll down and take a look at the gallery below. Aren’t they adorable?