Dog is Caught “Red-Pawed” Stealing Hen Eggs

TikTok user @obviouslyolivers recently encountered a great mystery. Despite having 36 hens on their farm, they would only find eight eggs a day in their nesting boxes. As it turned out, their dog Millie would routinely check the nesting boxes before them and would eat them as a treat.

In a viral video shared on social media, @obviouslyolivers can be seen calling Millie to come over. The dog, obviously holding something in her mouth, reluctantly comes closer. At that point, the TikToker reaches into the dog’s mouth and discovers she’s been holding an egg.

“I decided to follow her the next time she went outside, and this is what I found,” @obviouslyolivers shares in the video.

The clip continues with @obviouslyolivers catching Millie “red-pawed” as the dog enters the hen coop and checks the nesting boxes for eggs.


The egg thief has been caught red pawed..

♬ Mischievous Prankster – Bernd Schoenhart

Millie’s mischievous behavior was quite amusing to other TikTok users, with some suggesting that @obviouslyolivers should take advantage of the dog’s habit and employ it as an egg gatherer.

“Teach her to exchange it for a treat, and she can collect all your eggs for you,” @iamnot4everyone wrote in the comments section.

As it turned out, Millie isn’t the only egg-loving dog out there.

“My Aussie does the same thing. She waits patiently every day for her egg to be laid. She and the hen have a mutual agreement, apparently,” @nicoleelvington shared.