Dog Jumps Into a Carved Pumpkin and Doesn’t Want to Come Out

TikTok user Eugenia Chen recently decided to surprise her dog Huxley with a special gift for Halloween. She bought a pumpkin and wanted to carve it in his honor. But the adorable doggo had other ideas.

A viral clip posted by Chen on TikTok shows her removing the top of the pumpkin and taking out its insides. She then puts the pumpkin next to, hoping the dog will stay calm just enough for her to snap a suitable photo for Instagram. Instead, the fur ball simply decided to jump into a pumpkin and make it his new home.

After surprisingly managing to fit inside the pumpkin, Huxley made himself comfy and didn’t want to come out. This was especially the case after he figured out his new “home” was actually edible.

Chen was worried at one point that Huxley was stuck inside and tried to help him out, but it turned out that the dog was able to get out as easily as he got in.


This is Huxley’s pupkin origin story 🎃 I couldn’t stop wheezing 💀 Huxley immediately decided this pumpkin was his new home and no one could tell him otherwise. The fuzzy bum in the air tho… #pandapuppy #pumpkindog #funnydogs #dogsittinginapumpkin #dogdiy

♬ original sound – Huxley the Panda Puppy🐼🐶(pandaloon

The Dodo later caught up with Chen, who shared that it wasn’t that surprising her beloved pet selected a carved pumpkin for his new home.

“He discovered that he’d won the jackpot: a house made of food!” Chen shared. “He loves vegetables and boxes, which may be part of why he loves pumpkins and climbing inside.”