Firefighters Discover Newborn Kittens During Routine Equipment Check

While doing a recent routine equipment check, a group of firefighters from Myrtle Beach Fire Department discovered something unexpected. As it turned out, four newborn kittens were making themselves at home in the hose bed of one of their fire trucks.

The firefighters reacted swiftly, placing the kittens in a warm box before taking them to a local shelter for a checkup according to a post shared on official Facebook page of Myrtle Beach City Government.

A week later, Myrtle Beach City Government shared a video of the kittens, now named Chief, Quint, Smokey, and Halligan. The caption of the video stated that they are “enjoying lots of bottle feedings and snuggles from their foster family, who are also a fellow fire family!”

The update also addressed concerns some internet users had about the mama cat and promised that the kittens are in safe hands.

“We believe the mama cat had the kittens in the hose bed while the engine was parked at the mechanic shop in Conway. We certainly have concern for the mama cat, but she has not been seen and the kittens are now in safe hands,” it says in the update.