Lost Dog Found 2,000 Miles From Home After 9 Months

Back in July, San Diego-based couple Mehrad and Liz Houman faced one of the worst fears of any pet owner; their beloved dog Mishka went missing. Fast forward nine months, Mishka was found 2,000 miles from her home.

As it turns out, Mishka mysteriously ended up in Detroit, where she was spotted by one resident. They called the police, who took the dog to the local animal welfare organization, Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society (GPAAS).

GPAAS staff discovered that Mishka has a chip and they contacted Mehrad and Liz, who were preparing for a family visit to Minneapolis. As soon as they landed, Mehrad took a 10-hour drive to Detroit in order to pick up Mishka.

It is unclear how Mishka ended up so far from home, but Liz has a theory that someone stole the dog in San Diego and took her to Detroit. One telling clue in support of this theory is that Mishka can now learn to sit on command, something that she didn’t know before.

 “It’s a 100% miracle, and we never gave up hope. And I knew that we were going to get her back,” Liz later told The Associated Press.

GPAAS later shared a video on social media documenting Mishka’s story and reunion with her owners.