Fun Facts About Chickens You Probably Didn’t Know

Photo by Ben Moreland on Unsplash

We can’t tell you what came first, the chicken or the egg. But what we can do is share a lot of fun facts about them that you probably didn’t know. Check them out below.

Chickens Are Not Picky About Their Food

Sure, chickens will mostly eat seeds and grass. However, when the opportunity presents itself, they will also indulge in snacks like insects, worms, and similar creatures smaller than them.

Chickens Descended from Dinosaurs

This might be hard to believe, but it is true: chickens are considered to have descended from dinosaurs, at least in scientific terms. One study found that collagen found in Tyrannosaurus Rex’s bones matches the most with those of chicken among more than 20 species used for comparison.

Chickens Are Quite Smart

The intelligence of chickens is often laughed at. However, the truth is that they are smarter than most people think. They remember faces for a long time, display a wide range of emotions, have sophisticated ways of communication, and engage in advanced social behavior.

Chickens Can Dream

Chickens are also capable of dreaming. While we can’t know what their dreams are made of, studies have shown that they experience rapid eye movement (REM) when they sleep, which is characteristic of the human state of dreams.

Chickens Clean Themselves by Getting Dirty

When chickens cover themselves in dust or dirt, they don’t do it just because they like to get dirty. Instead, this helps them get cleaner. The dust and dirt particles catch stale body oil, which makes their feathers waterproof, and they are able to shake it and make room for fresh ones.