Fun Facts About Hamsters You Probably Didn’t Know

Photo by Kim Green on Unsplash

Hamsters are energetic balls of fur that we can’t help but want to cuddle and pet every time we see one. However, there is much more to them than being just cute pets, and these fun facts below prove it.

Hamsters Have Teeth That Don’t Stop Growing

Just like various other rodents, hamsters have teeth that don’t stop growing. In order to avoid discomfort, hamsters will wear them down to appropriate lengths. However, it is advisable that hamster owners check this on a regular basis and take their pets to the veterinarian for teeth trimming if they notice the overgrown teeth. 

Hamsters Can Run for Up to 5 Miles With Little Break

Hamsters are real speedsters, but they also have plenty of energy to go long distances. Whether it’s in the wild or on an exercise wheel, hamsters can do five-mile run sessions in a single night.

Hamsters Are Food Hoarders

Hamsters use their puffy and elastic cheeks to fit as much food as they can into their mouth. However, they don’t actually consume all of it. Instead, they bring it back to their shelter and store it for later use.

Hamsters Can Be Trained

 With enough patience and proper technique, hamster owners can learn their pets various tricks. Additionally, they will learn to identify their name if used long enough and will come to their owner when called upon.

Hamsters Are Not Welcomed in Hawaii

It sounds unbelievable that cute little things like hamsters are not welcomed anywhere. However, Hawaii is indifferent towards their cuteness and has a ban on hamsters. This is due to concerns that they would quickly establish a large colony if they would ever get into the wild and could cause issues for the state’s ecosystem.