Get Up Close With More Than 300 Reindeer In Tromsø’s Arctic Reindeer Experience

The Sami people are an indigenous people of northern Europe inhabiting Sápmi, which has covered parts of northern Norway, Finland, Sweden, and the Kola Peninsula of Russia, for at least 5,000 years.

It’s said that the Sami culture is the oldest culture in large areas of Northern Norway. And to experience their way of life, Tromsø Arctic Reindeer offers great tour packages where you can discover their ancient culture and meet over 300 reindeer in person!

Tours include reindeer sledding, reindeer feeding, experiencing a traditional Sami meal inside a traditional Sami hut and listening to stories about the Sami culture’s connection to reindeer as told by Sami elders.

“We also want you to have fun and experience the joy of being close to the Reindeer, the feeling of coming from outside into a warm lavvu with the smells of a cooked lunch mixing with the log fire warming the senses and bringing with a peace and calm which is only increased as the sounds of the traditional joik fills the lavvu,” reads company’s website. “This can be followed by basking under the midnight sun in the summer months or watching the Northern Lights in the Winter. These rituals and experiences are something that we enjoy and it is our pleasure and aim to share this with our guests.”

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