Why Do Goats Have Rectangular Pupils?

Photo by Krzysztof Kowalik on Unsplash

A recent episode of I Wonder Why published by World by Charlie, explains why goats have rectangular pupils.

Turns out, the unusual pupil shape helps goats see better, which then helps them stay safe. To learn more about this phenomenon, simply click play below.

A study published in 2015 found that whether you’re the hunter or the hunted is a great predictor of how your eyes will be shaped.

“For species that are active both night and day, like domestic cats, slit pupils provide the dynamic range needed to help them see in dim light yet not get blinded by the midday sun,” lead author Martin Banks of UC Berkeley said back then. “However, this hypothesis does not explain why slits are either vertical or horizontal. Why don’t we see diagonal slits? This study is the first attempt to explain why orientation matters.”