Goats Take over the Streets of Small Town In North Wales

The citizens of Llandudno, a small coastal town in north Wales, have decided not to take any chances regarding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. They are respecting the social distancing recommendations, and are mostly spending their time indoors. And while this will helped them minimize the health risk, it also brought them unusual guests. 

Seeing that there is little to none people in Llandudno, a herd of goats decided to make a claim on the town and take over its streets. For the past several days, the goats have been walking on people’s lawns, eating flowers, and using all the free space for all sorts of shenanigans.

Andrew Stuart, Manchester Evening News video producer, and Llandudno resident were the first ones to reports this interesting occurrence.

Stuart has been so intrigued by the behavior of goats, that he decided to document their daily activities.

According to the locals, it isn’t unusual to spot goats in Llandudno, but they have never visited the town in such a number. It’s believed that the empty streets attracted them and made them feel at home.

The locals don’t mind their new guests as they provide them with free entertainment during self-isolation. If there is nothing interesting on TV, they can just take a peek through the window and see what goats are up to this time.