Guus is a Giant Bunny That Behaves Like a Dog

Dogs are our resident cuddly animals that like to play fetch and walk around on a leash. But it turns out that rabbits can also fit this description, at least in the case of the Flemish Giant rabbit named Guus.

Guus is an adorable bunny living his best life with his mom Danielle in Amsterdam, Netherlands. But he is not your usual rabbit. Besides being a lot larger than other bunnies, weighing more than 22 pounds, Guus also behaves less like a rabbit and more like a dog.

According to Danielle, Guus enjoys all sorts of activities that dogs like. For example, he is very skilled in playing fetch, likes to walk on a leash through the city, and has a strange habit of chasing every cat he sees.

“The behavior of him is very similar to a dog which was like unexpected, and he knows her the door is to go to the garden,” she shared in a recent interview. ”He always jumps up to the door and tries to open it.”

Being this big, you would think that taking care of Guus is a challenge. But Danielle shared that the bunny is actually a perfect pet. He is potty trained and doesn’t mind getting occasional showers. Also, he isn’t as misbehaving as you would expect bunnies to be and just wants to cuddle most of the time.

If you are interested to learn more about Guus, he has his own Instagram page where Danielle shares his adventures. You can check out some of them by scrolling below.