Guy Finds a Skinny Dog in the Amazon and Brings it Back to the UK

When David booked a cruise, he never thought he would find an abandoned dog in the forests of the mighty Amazon.

“We saw a very small shadow. I was wondering what that this animal was. It was such a pitiful sight,” David shared with The Dodo. “I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. And I was just looking at her going, ’What do we do here?’ She was coming on that boat. And I didn’t care how, but she was coming. That started our voyage together.”

Later, he brought her to the closest veterinary center and he stayed with her in the veterinary hospital. David shortly got attached to his new furry friend, so he decided to bring her back to the UK. He named her Negrita.

“For me, this was not work,” he added. “This was just moving forward with an animal that needed help. And I will work with her for the rest of her life.”

To see more of Negrita’s adorable face, check out the Instagram page called PlayforStrays.