Harlow the Golden Retriever is the Best Sister in the Whole Wide World

Harlow is an adorable three-year-old English Cream Golden Retriever from Los Angeles who has been breaking hearts since she was born. Her best friend is her little baby brother whom she loves the most.

“As soon as my son is awake, it’s playtime, Harlow’s mom told The Dodo. “They like to jump around on the bed. My son will run on the bed, do circles and flop around, because he just started to walk. Harlow will kind of do zoomies around him.”

She met her brother for the first time the day he came from the hospital. She was so happy to see her mom and dad, but soon she realized there was somebody else as well.

“She went straight up to the baby carrier and she was sniffing it. His eyes were barely open, but he could feel her when Harlow kissed him on the foot,” she added. “I think she immediately picked up a kind of maternal energy. She was very protective of him. Whenever he was, Harlow was also there. She just feels a certain loyalty.”

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