This Pig Was Locked Up For 10 Years, Now She Lives Like a Princess

When Todd Friedman founded Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary, a non-profit animal sanctuary for farmed animals, he couldn’t have guessed that one day a true Princess would be living on his 77-acre farm located in the heart of the Catskill Mountains in New York State.

Everything began when Friedman’s friend Caitlin texted him about a pig who had been locked in a stall for over a decade and had never been outside. When finally, her owner gave her up, she arrived at her now dad’s farm. At first, Princess was very shy and didn’t want to get near anything.

“I sat with her [for] hours upon hours. I didn’t approach her ever. I let her walk up to me. It was at least a 2, 2.5-month process of her just being comfortable to walk up to me,” Friedman told The Dodo. “Touching her was probably 4 months. And she was really good about trying every day to move past that fear.”

Now she is behaving like a true Princess and loves her dad to the moon and back, and her dad adores her as well.

“She just goes up, ‘You got any cookies?’ That smile just melts hearts, especially mine,” he added.

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Princess was so incredibly shy when she came due to abuse in her past. She was locked in a completely dark stall for 10 year and used for breeding the whole time. Due to being the the dark so long she lost her sight because the optical never got so weak it is unable to recover .So now she can only see shadows. When we first rescued her you could not go near her because she would scream in terror . She was definitely beaten anytime she came in contact with humans. We were able to change the with COOKIES , positive reinforcement. Every time I approached her I had cookies and a very gentle voice. I had to reteach her that humans are good and she would never be abused again.  That took several months. She has been doing amazing the past 6 months and moved stalls 3 times .  She is allowed to live wherever she want(she is a Princess) So a few days ago she decided to move into the house !!!! She loves it and now lets me give her plenty of love. Before I had to wait till she approached me and let her control the contact. This is such a big milestone , we could not be happier . I was also able to get a picture of her beautiful eyes. We could not do this kind of work without your support. Thank you, Todd #peace #animals #stopanimalabuse #stopanimalcruelty #stopanimaltests #stopanimaltesting #friendsnotfood #friendnotfood #vegan #veganforthem #veganfortheaninals #pig #pigs #pigslove #lovepigs #peacelovepigs #arthursacres #withusnotforus #notham #notbacon #notpork #peacebeginsonyourplate #free #freedom #animalliberation

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