Here’s Why Your Dog Yawns

Image via Michal Kulesza/Stocksnap

You have probably noticed that your dog yawns nearly as often as you do, but what does that mean in their language? Is he sleepy? Is he bored? Turns out, dogs are trying to send you an important message when they yawn.

Pay attention next time you’re training your dog – is he starting to yawn after a while? It means that he’s on the edge of patience. Yawning means he is done with whatever you’re doing and ready to move on to some other activity.

In some cases, yawning means that a dog is anticipating some stress. The common place where this happens is a vet’s office, as he knows that the experience is probably not going to be comfortable. In other cases, dogs will yawn to control enthusiasm before a happy event, such as a walk.

And finally, sometimes a yawn is just a yawn with no particular meaning behind it. Yes, it can mean that your dog is simply tired.