How to Survive Giving Your Cat a Bath

Giving your cat a bath can be a real nightmare, but there are things you can do to make the process easier.

Most cats don’t like getting wet, which is why they do their best to sabotage any attempt of a bath. But they obviously need one from time to time and it can be a real struggle for both the cat and its owner. Scientists believe that of the reasons cats don’t like water is because their fur absorbs it rather than deflecting it. It’s not easy for them to get dry and they hate that feeling.

So how do you give your cat a bath without getting scratches all over your body?

First of all – are you sure that your cat actually needs a bath? Cats are famous for grooming themselves to perfection and rarely require a full wash with water. Brushing will do the work most of the time.

If you decide you need to bathe your pet, the best tip we have is to make it quick and efficient. Use rubber gloves to prevent scratches and have a few supplies ready, such as cat shampoo (or mild baby shampoo), a large pitcher for rinsing, and a towel. While a bathtub seems like a logical option, it will be easier to do it in the sink.

After the bath, dry the cat with a towel. If needed, you can use a hairdryer, but only if the cat isn’t afraid of it.