These Illustrations Will Remind You to Be Kind to Stray Cats

Have you always been kind to strays, especially cats?

No, you probably haven’t been. With so many stray cats out there and the possibility of them getting hostile and attacking you, it’s not surprising that most people are wary of stray cats and try their best to steer clear of them. But, while it’s a perfectly normal reaction to avoid stray cats, what’s not normal is to shoo them away by throwing rocks at them.

After all, much like ourselves, stray cats are just trying to get by — they too have families to feed.

We may not see their families ourselves and we definitely may not think that they’re struggling just like we do, but they do.

That’s something that Galeri Sentuhan ArifSan wanted to illustrate in his artwork. Galeri Sentuhan ArifSan draws all sort of things, but perhaps after seeing the injustice done to stray cats, the artist decided to do something to open our eyes to their daily struggles.

Be sure to scroll down below to see exactly what we mean.