Lost Pig Befriends a Police Officer

Image by @Clearwater Police Department / Facebook

Officer Brittani Berg of the Clearwater Police Department in Florida recently responded to a call about an animal on the loose. It turned out that a wayward pig was seen strolling around inside one of the homeowner’s garage.

“Our officers handle a wide variety of calls each and every day,” a spokesperson for the police department told The Dodo. “It’s not every day they get a call involving a lost pig.”

When Berg arrived, she realized that the pig was more than eager to meet and befriend her. And the police officer was also smitten. Eventually, the backup arrived with some food and water for the curly-tailed animal. Berg and her group tried to track down the pig’s owner but unfortunately, to no avail.

After Berg posed for photos with her new buddy, the pig was finally picked up by the SPCA to keep her safe until her family could be located.  Luckily, just a few hours after the incident, the pig and her owner were reunited.

“The owner of the pig has been located and will be heading to the SPCA to pick it up,” the police spokesperson said. “We’re just happy that the pig was reunited with its owner.”