Luna is the Most Popular Pet Name in Australia, According to the First Pet Census

Photo by Berkay Gumustekin on Unsplash

The Australian state of Victoria recently had its first pet census, and its findings are quite interesting. Conducted by Animal Welfare Victoria, the census showed the most popular pets, the most popular pet names, and the number of people who own pets.

According to the census report published on the official website of Agriculture Victoria, 58% of adults in the state own a pet. Dogs are the most popular pets, accounting for 41% of all pets, followed by cats at 21% and birds at 5%.

The Australians seem to love the name Luna, which turned out to be the most popular name for both dogs and cats. The names Charlie, Max, Daisy, Coco, and Bella also proved to be quite popular for these two types of pets.

Owners of other pets usually went with the color of their pets as inspiration, Ginger for guinea pigs or Bluey for blue-tongued lizards, while names of animated characters like Pokémon Squirtle were also popular.

Another important piece of data that the census showed is that Australians are very happy with their pets. 98% of the responders said that pets had a positive impact on their lives, providing them with companionship/ love, improved mental health, and emotional support.