Police Officer Saves a Kitten From a Dumpster, Decides to Adopt Her

One tiny kitten turned an ordinary off-duty night for police officer Dontavis Jones from North Charleston, South Carolina, into a life-changing event. And the story about how that happened is really something. 

According to a post shared on the North Charleston Police Department’s official Facebook page, Jones discovered the kitten in a dumpster and decided to save it from the harsh conditions it was living in. He brought it to Charleston Animal Society for a health check but couldn’t get himself to leave it there.

Jones made a decision to adopt the kitten and welcome it to his family. The kitten, named Tabby Rashard Jones, got an opportunity for a better life while Jones made a friend for life.

Jones later shared more details about Tabby in a chat with The Dodo, saying that he actually discovered the kitten by accident. He was volunteering at a local church and was asked by a churchgoer to walk them to their car. While they were passing by a dumpster, the churchgoer heard the “meows”, and Jones decided to check the dumpster before finding the kitten.

According to Jones, he is getting used to life as a cat dad, and he is loving every moment of it.

“He’s a busybody. He runs all over. He’s been climbing up my Christmas tree. He’s exactly what I needed,” Jones shared. “Having him in my life is something I didn’t know I needed.”