Raft Guide Risks His Life to Save a Tiny Duckling in Danger

One brave raft guide from North Wales is making headlines after risking his own life to help a tiny duckling. Lewis Wilson, who works as a raft guide working at Llangollen Town Falls, not only saved the duckling from dangerous waters but also made the hour-and-a-half trip to take it to Cuan Wildlife Rescue.

Cuan Wildlife Rescue shared Wilson’s story in a recent post on Facebook, and people have been amazed at the young raft guide’s actions.

Back in April, Wilson was at his workplace when he noticed a group of ducklings being stuck in rushing waters at the bottom of the rapids and struggling to remain afloat. The mom duck was nowhere to be seen, and the ducklings seemed like they were losing the battle.

At that point, Wilson decided he needed to do something. He got into his kayak with the intention to pick up the ducklings and bring them to safety. Unfortunately, by the time Wilson reached the ducklings, only one was left.

After providing the surviving duckling with shelter for the night, Wilson took a trip to Cuan Wildlife Rescue Center in England so he would get the proper care. The duckling joined a group of orphaned ducklings at the center and will be nursed back to health before being returned to the wild.

“Lewis, you went above and beyond the call of a raft guide, and all of us at Cuan Wildlife Rescue really appreciate your efforts and kindness in rescuing this duckling,” wrote Cuan Wildlife Rescue on Facebook.