Rescue Fox Develops a Strong Bond With 11-Old Girl After Family Farm Takes Her In

When Fergie Fox was taken to Greener Pastures Sanctuary, her rescuer thought she was actually a dog, but this happy accident eventually saved her life. She developed a strong bond with the 11-year-old Phoenix and their friendship is truly a sight to behold.

It’s a miracle that Fergie Fox is still alive, given her sad backstory. She was found as a baby, with her mom nowhere in sight, and the sanctuary only took her in because she was mistaken for a puppy by the person who found her.

Taking her in was tricky, according to Greener Pastures Sanctuary’s CEO Rachael because foxes are considered pest animals in Australia. She should’ve been either left alone or euthanized, but they were luckily able to take her in.

“We’re a farm animal sanctuary and never dreamed we’d find ourselves faced with foxes in need. We hate keeping animals in captivity but sadly it was the best of 2 options… We spend time with them and provide them with enrichment,” she told Bored Panda.

Fergie Fox quickly started feeling at home at the sanctuary and developed a strong bond with the owner’s daughter Phoenix. They have been close since day one and Phoenix is the only person who Fergie trusts 100%, and she even lets her play with her and carry her around.