Take a Close Look at These Foxes – You’ll Fall In Love With Them

Foxes are wild, nocturnal animals that we rarely get to see – unless you happen to stumble upon one of them crossing the road after dark. However, pet photographer Rhiannon Buckle recently had a chance of meeting and working with a family of foxes. She described this encounter as a “once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“I got lucky to work with Joy’s Pets, based in Gloucestershire, UK. Amongst your more exotic animals like reptiles, owls and hedgehogs they now house a small family of foxes. Of course, I took up the challenge of shooting these beautiful but wild creatures and I was so thrilled with the result of the images,” described Buckle.

The photographer met with two foxes Ruda and Jaeger, who are mostly domesticated and are used to interacting with people. Still, this is not something you do every day, so Buckle didn’t know what to expect. Most of her previous models included cats and dogs, and this was uncharted territory for her.

Rhiannon had two photo shoots in the course of a year with these friendly foxes and she seems to be more than satisfied with the final result. Scroll down to see some foxy images.