This Adorable Cat With Asthma is So Patient and Calm While Using Her Inhaler

Cats can suffer from asthma just like humans. And just like humans, they need to use an inhaler to help them deal with the issue.

TikTok user @_dashandluna_ recently had her beloved cat Dash diagnosed with asthma, meaning that the feline has to use an inhaler twice a day for the rest of his life. She decided to share one of his therapy sessions with the internet last week, and it is one of the most touching things we saw recently.

The clip, which went viral and reached 1.5 million views in several days, shows Dash patiently and calmly taking his therapy. He breathes in and out while @_dashandluna_ holds the inhaler and doesn’t make any fuss about it.

“He doesn’t love it, but he knows he doesn’t have a choice,” the TikToker wrote in the video.

It is estimated that 1-5% percent of felines are affected by this health problem. There are several signs that can reveal your cat has asthma. Some of them include obvious difficulty in breathing, rapid breathing, wheezing, and coughing. It can be set off by coming in contact with allergens or by heightened stress. If you notice any of the symptoms, a visit to a veterinarian is a must.