This Guinea Pig is Inseparable From His Best Friend, a Golden Retriever

Today we’re going to meet a lovely duo of unexpected friends – a guinea pig named Frankenstein and a Golden Retriever named Pippin. You wouldn’t expect these two to be best friends, but they have an amazing time together.

Lovely tiny Frank follows his buddy Pippin wherever she goes and Pippen doesn’t have a problem with that. We guess that Frank feels safe only around his friend so he doesn’t leave her side; they even take naps together.

“Frank rarely closes his eyes, but when he gets snuggled up to Pippin, he yawns and closes his sweet little eyes,” their owner wrote on Instagram.

Guinea pigs are known to be social creatures. They need the company of other piggies and that’s why they’re usually kept together.  However, Franks’ owner claims he’s very happy and that “he has a perfect companion with his doggy sister, Pippin”.

Check out some of the photos and videos below so you can see for yourself that Frank absolutely won’t leave his buddy’s side.