This Hen Adopted an Egg and it Hatched!

Ben is an adorable golden-brown chicken who was abandoned by her chicken family. She was rescued by her human-mom, and later she became a mom herself. She adopted a tiny egg that hatched!

“One of my staff, he was gonna raise chickens. He gave me two eggs, she just jumped on them. We named [the eggs] Bing and Google just because I was going crazy on the internet trying to search what to expect,” Ben’s mom told The Dodo and added that after a couple of hours Bing was peeking out under his mom.

Ben immediately picked up a kind of maternal energy and was all about her tiny little black and white feathered baby.

“You could tell Ben was teaching Bing. It was like you own child that you saved, and now all of a sudden you see them in that role. Whether you plan for a child or not, when the child gets there, you just know what to do,” the owner said.

Sadly, the family had to give up the little rooster, however, he is now living his best life with his new family. If you want to follow Ben’s adventures, check out the gallery below or follow her on Instagram where she shares a profile with her sister, Henni.