This Woman Creates Fashionable Leggings For Dogs

In order to keep her pup’s paws dry and clean after outside walks, Lisa Baronoff created a company that makes fashionable, stretchy, and waterproof leggings for dogs.

“Unfortunately, my pups hated traditional dog booties almost as much as I did,” Baronoff shared on her personal website. “Not only were they uncomfortable to wear and a pain to put on, but they also had a habit of falling off mid-walk and only held up for a few wears. I was convinced I could come up with a solution that was both fun and functional—and that’s how Walkee Paws was born.”

The leggings have a patented design that covers your dog’s entire legs and connects over the back so they are guaranteed to stay on. The booties are made from stretchy rubber that mimic dogs’ natural walking pattern.

If you are interested to see this amazing design check out Walkee Paws on Instagram, or have a look at the website.