Top 3 Festivals That Celebrate Animals

There are numerous festivals that celebrate animals around the world. Year after year, people gather to show gratefulness to many animal species, and these are 3 of the biggest festivals.

Kukur Tihar

Kukur Tihar happens in Nepal as a part of Tihar, a big Hindu festival that lasts for five days and happens in late fall. On the first day, people worship crows, “the messengers of death.” On the second day, the stars are dogs, while the third day is all about cows. On the fourth day, oxen are celebrated, while day five is a bit different. On the last day of this festival, sisters place red dots (called tika) on brothers’ foreheads as an act of worship.

Transhumance Festival

This Spanish festival happens in the country’s capital Madrid and it’s officially called Fiesta de la Trashumancia. It’s a true spectacle where thousands of sheep go through Madrid as men and women in traditional outfits lead them, singing and dancing as they go.

Monkey Buffet Festival

You shouldn’t feed the monkeys who live in Thailand’s temples, except on this holiday that falls on the last Sunday of November. This is the day when impossible amounts of fruit and other food are placed in front of a temple and thousands of people come every year to feed the monkeys and play with them.