True Besties: Pickles the Pig and Dill the French Bulldog

In San Francisco, California lives an adorable black and white pig called Pickles. He is half Juliana and half Potbelly pig rescued by his parents in the middle of the night off a flooded farm near Sacramento when he was still a baby.

His mom Maddie doesn’t know how much Pickles will grow, but she estimates that he’ll weigh from 60 to 70 pounds. He gets along with all of his “siblings”—but his best friend is a French bulldog named Dill.

The little buddies are very close to one another and they do everything together. They like to share snacks, go for a run, and even can’t have a bath if the other isn’t around.

Pickles’ and Dill’s love for one another is so powerful that they don’t mind sharing the bed and love having cuddle time.

Just like his dog siblings, the pig was also potty trained, so no accidents can happen in the house. Maybe he doesn’t even know that he’s a pig!

They all have an Instagram account where their mom posts beautiful images of her rescue family. They’re so cute that you simply must follow their silly everyday life!