Watch Dog and Owner Save Two Labradors from an Icy Lake

Image via tyuriev/Facebook

Watch Man and His Dog Save Two Labradors from an Icy Lake

New York-native Timofey Yuriev and his dog Kira recently became big social media stars after the video of their heroic act of saving two Labradors from an icy lake went viral.

Yuriev and Kira were walking besides a frozen lake in Irvington Reservoir when they noticed two Labradors trying to cross the lake and falling into the icy water. The two didn’t hesitate, and decided to jump into the water, breaking through ice to save the dogs and lead them to safety.

Yuriev was breaking the ice to make a path for the Labradors while Kira was leading them out of the water and even pushed them so they go the right way.

After the event, Yuriev’s wife Melissa Kho posted the video of this heroic act on her Facebook profile. Watch it below.