Wedding Photographer Quits Job and Opens an Animal Shelter

Daria Pushkareva is a famous wedding photographer from Russian who decided to quit her job, move to the countryside and spend her time with animals in need.

Pushkareva was one of the best Moscow wedding photographers and she’s worked with elite businessmen and politicians. However, the intensity of this life, working long shifts without a day off eventually took its toll and she then realized she must change her life.

Running a dog shelter was Daria’s childhood dream and she decided it was the perfect moment to fulfill it. She and her husband soon started rescuing dogs, took out two loans and bought a country house 100 miles away from the capital.

“I wouldn’t consider our household a shelter,” Pushkareva said. “In fact, I even feel offended if someone calls it like that. In two years, the number of fur-bearing animals we’ve rescued (foxes, arctic foxes, and raccoon dogs) has reached a hundred. And of course, we take care of them all by ourselves, too.”

Now the couple leads a peaceful lifestyle far away from the city taking care of their pets.