Woman and Her Pet Tortoise Have Been Together for 56 Years

Pets can provide us with joy and companionship, but their lifespan is usually much shorter than ours. Unfortunately, this means that at some point we have to say goodbye to them. Minnesota-native, Jeanna Smith, will probably not have to go through this loss because her pet will probably outlive her.

When Jeanna was 10 years old, back in 1962, she received George, a pet tortoise, as a birthday gift. George was the perfect pet for Jeanna because she was always a fan of turtles and she immediately developed a special bond with the animal. This relationship has lasted 56 years and still counting.

This duo has never parted, Jeanna even brought George to college with her (even though pets were not allowed in the dorms). When Jeanna met her husband Kirby, she immediately let him know that George was part of the deal. Her family, which now includes Kirby and their kids, also grew fond of this unusual pet and accepted him as a full-time member of the family.

To learn more about this unusual story, watch the video below.