Woman Uses Her Calm Cat as a Zen Garden

Image via the_shb/Twitter

Cats often have two sets of behaviors. At one moment, they are the most energetic beings on the planet. But as soon as you turn around, they can become calm and uninterested in the world that surrounds them. So much so that you apparently can use them as a zen garden, and they won’t mind at all.

Australia-native Sarah Holland-Batt noticed that her feline friend Lola has moments when she lays on the floor, doesn’t react to anything, and is in a complete state of chill. In order to test the boundaries of this “chillness,” Holland-Batt took small rakes and some stones with the intention of using the cat’s fur as a surface on which she recreated a Japanese rock garden. And it totally worked.

Lola’s grey and smooth fur was perfect for drawing the landscape with the rakes, and she didn’t mind tiny rocks and leaves either.

Holland-Batt later shared some photos of the project on social media and unwillingly caused a “cat zen garden” craze on the internet.

Other users immediately tried to see whether their cats are also suitable for zen garden, but it’s safe to say they had little success. Other cats apparently didn’t share Lola’s chillness and were not having it.

If you want to try this as well, please make sure that you use small rakes and that your cat doesn’t mind.