You Have to Watch This Video of a Vulture Hitching a Ride With a Paraglider

Vultures are expert flyers, who can soar and glide for great distances, but even they need a break from time to time. That was certainly the case with one vulture that was caught on video hitching a ride with a paraglider in Brazil.

The viral video that shows a majestic vulture catching a lift from a paraglider was first posted by the Instagram user @rafaellvital, who often shares his paragliding videos with his 30,000 followers. 32 million people watched the clip on Instagram alone, and it became a viral sensation on other social media platforms after it was reposted by several popular pages.

Vital received countless hilarious comments after his video went viral, including several on Accu Weather’s TikTok page, ranging from “Vulture, arriving late to work: ‘You guys aren’t going to believe this,’” to “Uber for birds.”

The video in question was filmed in Pacatuba, Brazil and many people have wondered if the vulture in question is actually Vital’s pet, given his calm reaction.

Coming face to face with a vulture can be a scary experience, especially in mid-air, but they’re not prone to attacking humans for no reason. Vultures typically feed on dead animals and have no incentive to attack humans unless provoked.