8 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Swans

Swans are magnificent creatures and a true testament to nature’s incredible work. With their big wings and long necks, they are rightfully considered to be among the most beautiful birds on the planet.

Now, most of us are so concentrated on enjoying their beauty that we rarely try to find out more about them. So, let’s fix that and check out these fun facts that you probably didn’t know about swans.

1. Names

While we usually use the term “swan” for both males and females, they have their own distinctive terms. A female swan is called a pen while a male swan is referred to as cob.

2. Their Habitat

Swans are not native to North America, and they were introduced to the continent from Europe. Also, there are no swans in the wild in Africa.

3. Lightning Speed

Swans are usually found calmly strolling up and down the lakes, but they are incredibly fast when it comes to flying. Adult swan can reach a flying speed of 60 miles per hour.

4. Fear-Inducing

While it may be hard to believe these beautiful birds can be frightening, there are some people who are genuinely afraid of swans. The fear of swans is known as kiknophobia or cygnophobia.

5. Intelligence

Swans have both beauty and brains. Studies showed that they can remember behavioral patterns and faces and know who was good to them and who wasn’t. 

6. Number of Species

There were many different species of swans in the past, but unfortunately, most of them are now extinct. Currently, there are six species around: Mute swan, Black swan, Black-necked swan, Whooper swan, Tundra swan, and Trumpeter swan.

7. Married For Life

Swans are known to be very fateful. They find a mate at the age of two and usually spend the rest of their life with them.

8. Longevity

Unlike most birds, swans can have a long life, and some specimens have lived more than 20 years.