Black Bear Cubs Make “Sound of Contentment” While Munching on Apples

Did you know that bears emit a buzzing-like sound when they are enjoying some activities? If your answer is “no,” don’t worry; you are not alone. Many people were unaware that bears can make “sounds of contentment” until seeing a video posted by writer/producer and wildlife preservationist John Fusco.

During his visit to Kilham Bear Center in Lyme, New Hampshire, Fusco had the opportunity to witness a group of black bear cubs taking on a pile of apples. While the cubs were munching on their fruity snack, they started to sound like an orchestra playing some buzzing and humming tune.

Fusco managed to record the whole thing and share it on his Twitter page. The clip soon became viral and was seen by more than 600K people to date on Twitter alone.

The reason you are probably finding out about the “sound of contentment” just now is that the bears rarely produce it. This just shows how the cubs feel comfortable and enjoy their time at Kilham Bear Center.

“They’re obviously in a healthy sanctuary … it kind of makes sense that they would be cooing and telling us how great they feel,” conservation scientist Rae Wynn-Grant shared with LA Times.

Kilham Bear Center takes care of orphaned bear cubs from New Hampshire as well as the neighboring states of Vermont and Massachusetts. The cubs remain at the facility until they turn 18 months, after which they are released back to the wild.