Check Out This Family That Has 15 Pets

Furballsinc. is a Montreal, Canada-based family of 19. Yes, you have red it right! 19!

“We have 15 pets. My house is totally, totally nuts,” Melissa, also known as Furballs Mama shared with The Dodo. “We have two pugs, one bulldog, one pig, two guinea pigs, two chinchillas, five chickens and two ducks.”

The animals and the humans, they all get along with each other, except when Betsy, the pig eats the kids’ homework.

“We literally have to email the teachers videos saying, ‘Sorry! The pig ate the homework!’,” she added.

Although the family’s life is hectic, they have the most perfect life.

“Of course, our personal space has been minimized! We no dining room anymore; it is a full pet room,” she shared on her personal website. “But the most important thing is that our family wouldn’t be then same without them!”

If you want to follow Furballs’ adventures, check out their Instagram page below.

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How cute are these 2 besties💙💙

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5 à 7 time for Bingo & Buster 🍹🍹

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