Fun Facts About Flamingos You Probably Didn’t Know

Photo by Alejandro Contreras on Unsplash

Thanks to their eye-catching pink color, flamingos are one of the most fabulous creatures on Earth. But did you ever wonder how they got their recognizable color? Well, you can find out this and various other fun facts about flamingos if you continue reading.

Flamingos Get Their Pink Color from the Food They Eat

Flamingos don’t have naturally pink feathers. When born, baby flamingos are covered with grayish feathers. However, as they munch on brine shrimp and blue-green algae, which are rich in pigments known as carotenoids, their feathers turn pink.

There Are 6 Different Species of Flamingos

While all flamingos look similar, they are actually categorized into six different species. Four species – Chilean flamingo, Puna flamingo, Andean flamingo, and American flamingo – are found in America, including the Caribbean, while two species – Greater flamingo and Lesser flamingo – live in Europe and Asia.

Flamingos Stand on One Leg to Keep Themselves Warm

You probably noticed that flamingos often stand on one leg, but they don’t do it to show off their balance. Flamingos lose heat through their feet and legs, and this is problematic, considering they live in wetlands. By keeping one leg close to their bodies, they minimize the loss of heat and stay warm.

Flamingos Are Amazing Dancers

In order to attract a partner, a flamingo will perform an elaborate dance. As they grow older, their dance moves become more complex, and there are more than a hundred dance move combinations that flamingos are able to perform.