Sir Charles Barkley the Frenchie is Here to Melt Your Heart

How adorable is this French Bulldog? His name is Sir Charles Barkley and he’s 7 years old. He lives in Seattle, Washington and is the star of his own Instagram account that has nearly half a million followers!

He was named after the famous basketball player as his human dad is a big basketball fan. Like all French Bulldogs, Charles enjoys spending time with humans and doesn’t particularly enjoy being left alone. But that’s not a problem at all, because who could ever leave this adorable creature alone for more than a couple of hours?

French Bulldogs are a patient and affectionate breed that get along great with humans and other animals. You can see how adorable Sir Charles Barkley is on his Instagram page, but just imagine the level of cuteness you’d have to deal with in person! No wonder he’s so popular on social media.

“Hi my name is Sir Charles Barkley. Everyone calls me Barkley for short. I’m a 6 year old Frenchie from Seattle. I enjoy sun bathing indoors, short walks on the beach because I get tired easily,” we read on Stella&Chewys website. See more photos of him below.

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