This Cat Doesn’t Like Stepping Onto The Kitchen Floor So She Jumps Over It

Leapfrog is a black cat that has a weird habit. She doesn’t like the kitchen floor and refuses to step on it, instead, she leaps over it. According to her mom Jeanine, the feline was adopted from a litter of foster kittens, and when they brought her home, she behaved as if she had been raised by goats.

“For years, I always sat at my computer and out of the corner of my eye, I would see her come from the steps and leap over that spot directly into the dining room,” Jeanine told The Dodo. “Often we would have things laying there on the floor. So she started leaping over the things that were there. But even if there’s nothing there, she leaps in that spot.”

That’s when she and her husband got an idea, they started putting silly things and creating stories.

“I’ve put people in the spot. I’ve put dogs in the spot. And no different jumps over! She’s done harvest season. She has done the 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day. She’s done many Christmas leaps. She’s done many Easter leaps. A lot of Halloween leaps too,” she added.

Leapfrog has a brother named Daffodil who doesn’t mind stepping on the wooden floor. Scroll down if you want to have a peek into their everyday adventures.